There’s a good reason these lovely forest lumps are known as the “diamonds of the kitchen” – sometimes they can cost almost as much as the real “girl’s best friend”!

Let’s put it this way – if you have somehow managed to get the real, authentic, fresh truffles, they WILL pack a punch of pungent flavours, they WILL possess fragrance that can overwhelm you in a single bite, and they WILL be counted in but a simple shavings worth more than a used car! And we’re not speaking of white truffles, that can get up to three or four times more expensive as the black ones.

Truffles are a rare combination of exquisite taste and mystery, elusiveness and sometimes even esoteric communication with the nature in all its glory.

Unfortunately, where there’s luxury, there’s also a lust for profit that turns people into criminals. Climate change has been too harsh on the truffles, making them even rarer commodity, and it’s not surprising that today we have black market dealers all over the world stealing from chefs and truffle hunters, kidnapping their truffle dogs, smuggling and throwing underground auctions where no one cares enough to question the origin of product.

On the other, legal side of luxury, people are still trying to infuse somewhat impossible and obscure creations with the indescribable aroma of truffles.

You can read some awesome facts about these truffle-infused products in one of our blog posts right now!

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