About Us

Our dream, on your plate!

We believe in the symbiosis of nature, animals and humans and the maintenance of balance.
We believe in the diligence of our hunters and their loyal four- legged helpers. There is more than thousands of them digging out exquisite, organic wild truffles right now!
We believe in hardworking hands.
Every single truffle is carefully collected, cleaned, selected and cut with hand. Hand-picked – processed into a wonderful experience for every true connoisseur. All of our recipes are the result of well- anticipated family traditions.
We believe in quality above all else and our products are rinspected and branded with the best quality assurances.
We lovingly named our brand „Tartufolino“ – „a small truffle“, honoring our little forest friend – the king of mushrooms, and the luxuriousness his presence radiates.
Tartufolino is a family business and we welcome you in the magical, decadent world of truffle products – our dream on our plate!

Your Tartufolino Family

Via Confienza 10
10121 - Italia
Torino (Piemonte)

Official Shops and Partners:
Truffle Boutique GmbH, Maximilianstrasse 47, 80538 Munich, Germany
Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski München, Maximilianstrasse 17, 80539 Munich, Germany
Rewe Premium, Fünf Höfe, Theatinerstrasse 14, 80333 Munich, Germany
TAMBOSI, Odeonsplatz 18, 80539 Munich, Germany
H'ugo's Wine and Champagnerbar, Promenadeplatz 1, 80333 Munich, Germany