Truffles are true privilege and delight for taste buds, but in inexperienced hands (or mouths, for that matter), they’re as spectacular as any other mushroom.

If you’ve entered the world of truffle-infused products, you’re obligated to know how to use it, when to use it, and what to combine it with. The taste of truffle can completely overpower a dish if you don’t use it right, and in right amounts. So, we’ve decided to help you out a bit, and throw a couple of advices that will make you look like a masterchef in the eyes of the “audience”:

White Truffle Oil: It is NOT, and we repeat, NOT a replacement for an olive oil. Think of it as a perfect finishing touch for risottos, potatoes, other roasted veggies etc.

Black Truffle Rub: Bored with chilli rubs and classic spices? Be careful with the truffle rubs, because they can overpower your meat – mix them with parmesan and garlic to get an “earthy” feel, and a glorious taste for your chicken or fish.

Parmesan and Truffle Cream: Speaking of parmesan, this cheese easily falls in love with truffles! The many varieties of P&T creams represent a completely new level of delight, when pasta sauces are considered. Conclusion – always consider parmesan an adequate mix for anything truffle-related.

Truffle Butter: Want to make your breakfast extra-decadent? Spread this lovely butter in as thin layer as possible, but use crusty or toasted bread. Truffle butter is also ideal for finishing off risottos!

Truffle Honey: The perfect blend of sweet and savory, for those who really love experimenting. Of course, cheese loves it, so if you’ve never had truffle honey on cheese, you’re missing out quite a lot.

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